We create your collection together with you. In Italy. With passion, expertise and creativity.

Why choose us

Explore the values behind our creative and productive process.


We are imaginative. We are curious. We love colours, lines and fabrics.



We can’t sit still. We follow the pace of market demand.



We love team work as we all are an integral part of a system.



You ask, we take care of every detail needed to deliver a unique product.



We are perfectionists, we pay attention to each and every detail.



We are fast but never in a hurry because we know the way.


We are not just service providers; we offer a 360 degrees support to the firms that choose us.

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Made in Italy

Our apparel is entirely made in Italy and has always stood out for being made with particular attention both in the choice of textiles and materials and in all of those details that compose great clothes.

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